Yoga at Home: 5 Best Yoga Youtube Channels For Beginners

Yoga at Home: 5 Best Yoga Youtube Channels For Beginners

I hate going to the gym. I  just don't like working out with people or near people. I blame being introverted for that. Its the reason I prefer/absolutely need calmer places and a busy gym with a bunch of dudes cheering each other on at the leg press machine is far from that. The same goes for a yoga class. I don't want to listen to someone breathe obnoxiously or accidentally bump hands with the sweaty person next to me going into mountain pose. Plus, why pay for a yoga class if there's so many YouTube channels that offer free at home yoga sequences with really talented instructors. These are my 5 favorite YouTube channels: 

1. Yoga with adrIene  

If you're a beginner or want an instructor that is more laid back, Yoga with Adriene is a great place to start. She has been doing yoga on YouTube for over five years which means theres no lack of content for you. Theres no lack of variety either . She has yoga for the core, for the hips and lower back, detox yoga, yoga for self doubt, for pre-run, for post-run, chair yoga, even yoga for golfers. She also has a number of videos on how to master certain poses such as a headstand or crow pose. My personal favorite though: her 30 day challenges. I got my start with yoga going through one of her 30 day challenges. After all, they do say it takes 30 days to make a habit. (And she has a really cute dog!) 

2. Boho Beautiful 

Juliana Semenova, who goes by Boho Beautiful on YouTube, is much more meditative. She's the instructor to go to if you want a relaxed (that doesn't mean easy, she still pushes you) practice. There is subtle music throughout her videos and she guides you with a calm and focused voice. Once you begin to remember names with poses, she becomes really easy to follow without ever having to look up at the video. Juliana will give you travel envy too.

3. Allie - The Journey Junkie

Be prepared to sweat if you visit Allie - The Journey Junkie's channel. I visit her channel if I'm looking for a sequence thats a little higher intensity. Allie is the instructor to check out if you are looking to build strength and get toned. Still a simple enough sequence for beginners, but requires focus and discipline to keep up with her pace. She features some sequences that last an hour and monthly challenges to keep you inspired. 

4. Yoga with tim 

Yoga with Tim has recently started doing something really unique with his channel. Instead of practicing and teaching simultaneously, he has guest come and practice as he guides them through each sequence giving them feedback and extra tips throughout. This gives you the chance to check yourself (before you wreck yourself). Tim is an instructor that really focuses on the fundamentals and making sure you have all the tools to do each pose perfectly. 

5. Tara Stiles

Maybe you need a quick break from your daily routine or don't have time for a 30 minute routine before or after your workout. TaraStiles has plenty of 6 to 10 minute sequences for you. She also has just as quick tutorials for poses that take a little extra practice.  (Bonus: she has quick and easy healthy recipes on her channel that are also under ten minutes too) Basically, shes the queen of getting sh*t done quick.