Podcasts Every 20-Something Should Listen To

Podcasts Every 20-Something Should Listen To

Its the post I promised: podcasts I love and think every 20-something year old should listen to. You don't have to just turn to podcasts as a last resort for entertainment. This list of podcasts covering the news, pop culture, business, and more, have important life lessons and takeaways. At least most of them do..some are just entertaining..

This American Life 

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This American Life is a series that tells entertaining short stories that make an impression. 

The last episode I listened to, titled "My Effing First Amendment", highlighted the current political climate. Without giving too much away, the story focuses on a college student named Katie, who feels her conservative political views are not accepted on college campuses. This causes her to get into a heated, public confrontation with a liberal professor at her university, exposing very strong view points on both sides. 

The episode before that tackled a completely different and equally complex topic. The short stories in "The Secret of My Death", included a woman trying to understand and uncover mysteries surrounding her sisters overdose, a guy who attended a funeral of a veteran he never met, and a reaction to what people had to say about a man after his death.

I step away from each podcast feeling like I've learned an important life lesson, without ever feeling like I was preached to. 


THe daily 

The Daily

I can't be the only twenty-something that considered reading Twitter moments "good enough" when it came to keeping up with the news. We all know though, that 140 characters is really just the headline of a much more complex news story that were too impatient to read.

The Daily by The New York Times takes the top headline of the day (five days a week) and breaks it down in less than 20 minutes or less. I find it to be a no BS, unbiased source of news. With it being published by 6 am every morning, its the perfect morning commute podcast. It has quickly become part of my morning routine. 



Keep it! 

Keep It!

Mario Lopez hosting a Candy Crush game show. The Grammys making a mini-movie about Taylor Swift’s Album of the Year win. A nutritional ranking of Girl Scout cookies. Things Ira Madison III is saying "Keep It!" to. In other words, we don't want it. Although theres plenty of comedic, pop culture bashing, Madison also talks seriously about poignant and political, pop culture movements he loves. 

"Is This Your America?", the episode that got me hooked, takes a critical look at Donald Glover's 'This is America' and the implications of people calling him a genius because of it. Also included in this episode, the comical side of Melania Trump's "Be Best" campaign.






How I built this 

How I Built This

Who are the people behind your favorite brands? Steve Ellis (Chipotle), Jim Koch (Samuel Adams), Kate Spade, and other entrepreneurs, speak to Guy Raz about how they built the companies we know and love.

The most human aspects of a person are shown when these entrepreneurs are asked about their hopes, doubts, fears, pitfalls, and triumphs they had along the way. In the interview with Kate Spade, she speaks candidly about how she hid the company from her family and friends in the first year because she was ashamed of quitting her job to start the company and feared it wouldn't pay off. Her inspiring story proves that hard work pays off. 

As a young professional, I love this podcast, as its almost like you're being a given a step by step guide to success by some of the most successful people.



Unhappy Hour With Matt Bellassai

Unhappy Hour with Matt

We all know this award winning drunk from his uber popular series on BuzzFeed called Whine About It. Matt continues his whining on Unhappy Hour, venting about anything and everything that annoys him including nature, airplanes, the Midwest, and more.

Matt has a unique, comedic ability to turn complaining into something that can actually lift your spirits. His pessimistic attitude can also be #relatable if you're having "one of those" days. 

I listen to this podcast when I'm doing something I love to complain about: chores.