May Favorites: Person, Place, Thing

May Favorites: Person, Place, Thing

Every month I fall in love with new people, places, and things that motivate me, inspire me, or are just simply guilty pleasures. I decided I want to start sharing with you what person, place, and thing makes it to the top of the list each month. So here are my May favorites: 

Favorite Person? Austin Perine


Austin Perine is hard not to love! At 4 years old, he is an adorable reminder of how important it is to show love. In his superhero costume, he goes by the name President Austin, feeding the homeless with chicken sandwiches that he buys with his allowance money. When asked why he does this, Austin responded, "Its just the right thing to do."


Favorite Place? Deeper Roots Coffee

You go to the farmers market to buy homegrown fruits and veg. You go to Deeper Roots Coffee to get homegrown coffee. Deeper Roots partners with communities of small coffee farmers to try to improve their quality of life through the purchase of their coffee and collaboration on quality improvement. Its specially coffee (meaning it tastes better than what you find at other coffee shops, especailly Starbucks) thats ethically grown. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Deeper Roots Coffe
Deeper Roots

In the last year, Deeper Roots Coffee opened up their second brick and mortar location at Findlay Market in Downtown Cincinnati. The inside of this coffee shop is not only Instagram worthy but takes a unique approach by adding seating behind the counter, bringing the coffee lover up close and personal with the coffee making process. Of course, theres more private seating in the back if your not in the mood to mix and mingle.


Favorite Thing? Podcasts

Why am I loving podcasts?

They give you the chance to sit in on a conversations between some of the most successful people in the world. Leaders in almost every industry are sharing how they got where they are today on their podcasts. You'll find life coaches teaching you how to coach yourself through any roadblock you might hit, nutritionists sharing how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and successful men and women sharing how they started their own multi-million dollar companies.  

I like to keep up with the news through podcasts too. Or sometimes, when I'm feeling a little less motivated, I'll just listen to someone talk about pop culture or murder mysteries for an hour. 

They're free and you can listen to them anywhere that you take your headphones through the already built in Podcasts app on your IPhone, so you have no reason not to give podcasts a try.

Update: You can find a list of my favorite podcasts that I think every 20-something should listen to here.