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Maid of Honor Checklist: Your Duties Before, During, and After the Wedding

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Maid of Honor Checklist: Your Duties Before, During, and After the Wedding

My cousin got engaged last weekend. The craziest part of it all (other than the fact that she wants to get married in one years time) is that I predicted it. Around the same time she was getting proposed to, I had said to my mom, "I bet Emily's boyfriend is going to propose to her today." So you can probably imagine my reaction when I walked into her house later that day and she showed me her ring - complete shock. I stared at her hand and didn't say a word for at least 15 seconds (probably not the reaction she expected) then I cried. Then, I realized that made me a maid of honor and I had no clue what that actually meant other than I had to give a toast. It was a real mix of emotions - all good though.

I know I can't be the only the only one not knowing where to start, considering I see four new couples engaged on FaceBook everyday. So here's my compiled list of everything I need to do and you may need to do too (who knows, it could be your bff getting engaged next?) before the brides big day: 


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Before the Wedding 

Most of the maid of honor's responsibilities come before the wedding. The responsibility that takes the most work: planning the bachelor partying and hosting a bridal shower though. The bridal shower is traditionally held two months before the wedding and the bachelor party typically one month before. Remember keep track/make a list of all the presents the bride gets at the bridal shower so she can send guest thank you letters. Your biggest responsibility though: just being present. Meaning, knowing what plans are so you can relay information to bridesmaids, going dress shopping with the bride, visiting venues with her, or writing down/remembering important details she might forget. Be able to answer any question, from anybody, about the wedding. 


Don't get all fogged up by all the hair spray in the room the morning of the big day. Your duty that morning is to make sure the bridesmaids are staying on time and to keep the bride calm. It isn't her responsibility to remind the bridesmaids to get out of bed and get to hair and make up immediately before the timeline for the day she set up a whole year in advance gets ruined. Also be sure to have a list of all the vendors contact information and an emergency kit. Bride Box made of list of all the items you should have in an emergency kit so nothing can truly go wrong. 

THe big Day: Ceremony

The ceremony is the part I'm the least worried about getting through. Its pretty simple for the maid of honor. Hold the brides bouquet, the groom's ring, make sure the bride is looking her best, and smile.

The Big Day: Post-Vows 

Now, you can relax. Or maybe not, knowing that you have to give a toast. I'm just going to keep reminding myself that I'm surrounded by most of my family so I can get through it. After the speech though, all thats left for you to do is make sure that everyone gets enough food and drink (including the bride and groom) and that everyone is having a good time. 

Congratulations Tim and Emily! I love you. Bring on your big day. Xoxo, Samantha.